I am Jeremy Weber.

I'm an engineer

I'm a mechanical/ applications/ project/ systems engineer. That means I started with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Every day I work with our sales team to develop solutions to our customer's needs, determine how much to sell it for and write proposals. After we've received the order, I work with our desigers and suppliers to bring the pieces together and deliver the project. (Of course every project is on time and budget.) I also decided I have too much time and have spent my evenings getting a masters in systems engineering.

I'm also a husband, father, Christian, homeowner, Baltimoron, aircooled VW driver, mountain biker, Orioles fan, and occasional photographer. I try to spend time leading my family and experiencing life with my wonderful wife and our two boys. I do check my email (most days) and tweet (a few times a month), so find a way to say hi.


You know the drill. Enter a fake name, email address and fill the message box with links to phishing websites. If you're a real person, feel free to send me your real name, email address and a message - it goes right to my inbox without me publishing my email address for all the scammers of the world to find.